<a href='http://physics.bu.edu/news_items/show/294'>Bansil, Constantino featured in BU Research for their work on H. pylori</a>
<a href='http://www.bu.edu/research/articles/new-physics-large-hadron-collider-cern/'>Bump Hunters: BU particle physicists featured in BU Research</a>
<a href='http://www.bu.edu/today/2016/axions-dark-matter/'>Alex Sushkov elucidates his search for dark matter on BU Today</a>
<a href='http://physics.bu.edu/news_items/show/303'>Congratulations to Larry Sulak, the recipient of the 2018 W.K.H. Panofsky prize in experimental particle physics!</a>
<a href='http://physics.bu.edu/news_items/show/265'>Nanomanufacturing by BU physicists featured in Physics Today.</a>
<a href='http://www.bu.edu/research/articles/plamen-ivanov-network-physiology/'>BU Physics researchers aim to understand dynamic interactions of organ systems.</a>
Upcoming Events

Biophysics Seminar
Adrian Whitty, Boston University, Chemistry Department
Monday, Nov. 20, 12:30PM, CILSE 106C

Preliminary Oral Exam
Renzo Tamiro Villazon Scholer
Monday, Nov. 20, 1:45PM, SCI 352

Biophysics Seminar
Carlos Castro , Ohio State University
Tuesday, Nov. 28, 12:30PM, CILSE 109C

Physics Department Colloquium
Jörn Dunkel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tuesday, Nov. 28, 3:30PM, SCI 109

HET Seminar
Silviu Pufu, Princeton University
Wednesday, Nov. 29, 11:00AM

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Associate Chair and
Director of Graduate Studies

Robert Carey
Associate Chair and
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ed Kearns
Associate Chair for
Graduate Admissions and Recruitment

Andrei Ruckenstein
Department Chair

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