PASCO Science Workshop

The PASCO Science Workshop 700 series interface works in conjunction with the Mac Performa. The interface will enable experiments and demonstrations to be run and displayed using the computer. As an example, a varying voltage can be measured and the results displayed on the screen in the form of a graph and/or a meter and/or a table of values and/or a sequence of single readings. A graph of voltage would be appropriate for displaying the exponential decay of the voltage of a capacitor in an RC circuit, for instance.

The Science Workshop is easy to use, and is designed to be multi-purpose. PASCO sells over 25 different kinds of probes to be plugged in to the interface. We have several of these, including:

If you'd like more information about using the Science Workshop in class, or you'd like to see it in action, feel free to drop by the demo room. A description of the Science Workshop is available at the PASCO web site. Also available is a demo version of the software, in both Mac and Windows formats, which shows off some of the capabilities of the Science Workshop.